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Visual Media

Visual media makes things gripping. It connects people.

Photography captures what is special. Video shares life. Design streamlines messaging.

Whether a message is crafted by an individual or a team, thousands of details underlie the excitement it can create. Those details need wrangling. A visual media producer tames them to make a message sing.


Arthur allen

I’m a visual media producer from Seattle. After producing a feature film in 2013 I launched my freelance career, and have been working steady since. My work mixes photography, videography, and design to produce still and motion imagery for small and large companies. My work has been featured online, in print, at events, and on broadcast. I enjoy working independently as well as in collaboration.

My core capability is the end-to-end production of digital media assets, both still and motion. Weaving together photo, video, and design elements, I’m ideally suited to campaigns that seek to reduce overhead costs while enjoying the flexibility and bespoke spirit of an established digital agency, and high octane creative teams looking for a workhorse. My passion is for clear communication.

I live in Provence, France.

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